Tower 1

Tower 1
Tower 1: Main tower supporting 50MHz 6M2WLC yagi, 14MHz 5 element yagi and 75m full wave loop.
Please note that all times are in UTC. As such comments relate to the next morning/day AEST unless otherwise stated.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Poor condx this morning on 50MHz MS. No completed contacts made at all. Heard were Dave VK7DD @ 1958z (RS51). Brad VK2QO @ 2026z (RS51) and Brian VK5BC/P @ 2101z (RS58).

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Very little 50MHz MS activity on Wednesday morning. Es started almost as day broke, so with a grey but not rainy sky my attention turned to the 15m yagi and it's urgent need of maintenance. Since taking down the 10m yagi, all but a couple of cable ties on its coax run had fallen off, leaving the coax dangling and prone to damage.
The 15m yagi lowered, and ready for maintenance.
All done. Back up and ready to action!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Following is a video of QRM experienced on Dec 27, starting at around 0500z and continued for at least 5 hours... signal peaked at S9+10 with beam heading 260 degrees.

The signal was relatively narrow dropping out within 2KHz either side of the centre frequency, and sounded like an open microphone.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Monday morning brought a return to more normal 50MHz MS condx. Worked were David VK3AUU @ 2029z (RS57), Joe VK7JG @ 2039z (RS51) and Brian VK5BC @ 2104z (RS51)

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Been a couple of weeks since I last posted... thought that Google had an error. How wrong was I... desktop has an issue with Google applications... so trying to fix it now.

50MHz MS has been poor to say the least. Some contacts being made but to nowhere the frequency that they were a few weeks bank. Log has been limited to the following:
Dec 17, 2010
Frank VK7DX @1932z (RS57)
Gavin VK3HY @ 2010z (RST519)
Dave VK7DD @ 2010z (RS51)
Glenn VK7AB @ 2037z (RS51
Peter VK7PD @ 2224z (RS54

The excitement of the return of trans-Pacific F2 and SSSP condx hasn't been lost with condx continuing in the last week. Both Jack OA4TT and Al CE1/K7CA have been there during the peak window... with Jack OA4TT working Bob ZL1RS... but no completed QSOs to VK.

Good condx again today with Bob ZL1RS also working a number of W stations - even though it was still Christmas night on their end of the path!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Finally some real 6m DX being worked with the return of some TEP based propagation.

Yesterday it was Willem DU7/PA0HIP with very strong (RS59) signals into QG62 (and beyond). And today Joel KG6DX. For those of us who still need to be at the QRL daily, the opportunity to work these stations is much more limited... but at least there is hope being breathed into the band. Maybe there's still a chance come Saturday or Sunday!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Got confirmation that I was making it back across the Pacific when I received an email from Mike K6MYC...


73, MIKE"

Hopefully the next opportunity wont have the same level of QRM from locals trying to work FK8 stations! 

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Exciting stuff - first F2 heard this season. Bob K6QXY @ 2343z RST419, and then built in signal to RST519. Then Mike K6MYC @ 2356z RST529.... no completes but a partial with Mike.

Unfortunately the QRM from a couple of local VK4 stations working FK8 (both sides of that path were RS59++ signals) prevented the F2 path being completed.

Soooo close.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Brad VK2QO in his regular 50MHz MS email wrote that we would be in for a quiet time... I just didn't expect that it would be this quiet!

Just one station worked this morning - Frank VK7DX @ 2006z (RS51).
The allusive ZL7A finally appeared on Tuesday evening (see spot from VKLogger below)...

07-Dec-10 08:17VK4CZ>> ZL7A in AE16 on 50.1170 CW 519 > QG62LP @ 3239.5km 132°
RX Only

but only their beacon. After requests on HF were made to have a operator QSY to 6m failed, I gave up.

So after the disappointment of listening to the ZL7A beacon for over an hour on Tuesday evening, then the fantastic Es condx which occurred both Thu and Fri mornings I had high hopes for Sat morning. Sadly these expectations were unrealistic!

With no Es condx present at all, and very poor MS enhancements only two stations were worked. Norm VK3DUT @ 2059z (RS55) and then Brad VK2QO @ 2107z (RS52).

Sunday, December 5, 2010

MS activity for Sunday morning delivered mixed results. Not too many good quality burns experienced, but the odd burn did enable Qs to be completed via MS.

Brad VK2QO @ 1921z (RS51) was first in the log. Rhett VK3GHZ @ 2001z (RS51) was next - and his first ever MS contact on 6m. AT 2009z a good burn resulted in Glenn VK7AB (RS51), Dave VK7DD and Frank VK7DX (RS56) all being worked. Glenn VK7AB was worked again @ 2011z (RS52) and finally Steve VK3OT @ 2017z (RS53).

The afternoon any radio time will be focused towards the ZL7A operations.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

What an afternoon - weather was poor and spent too much time by the radio listening to propagation indicators from New Zealand to provide any hope for ZL8X.

Finally around 0240z the first of the NZ TV1 audio signals were rx'ed. At this time local activity was concentrating on VK3 and VK3 Es paths. ZL1SWW was first worked at 0346z. This patter continued for the afternoon with ZL TV being received and then QSBing down.

At 0715z  ZL8X first appeared. Bob ZL1RS was reporting them and a scatter signal was heard. Weak CW about RST419 at best, but there. At 0723z Alan VK4WR worked ZL8X on CW. Path differences were obvious as they had faded to nothing while Alan worked them. And at 0724z there signal rose quickly and I bagged ZL8X on CW. I immediately called them on SSB and at 0725z I also completed an SSB QSO. Another new 6m DXCC. The first for 8 years.

While all this was happening local traffic still was working domestic and ZL stations.... that all changed quickly.  ZL8X was then easily workable from the eastern seaboard of VK for the next 2 1/2 hours. Amazing condx.

Now for ZL7A today!

Friday, December 3, 2010

An interesting morning on 50MHz MS... what had started out slowly built to deliver a number of good Q's. But also what was great was the number of participants. This has been building and now there is reasonable good representation along the eastern seaboard.

Worked were: Brad VK2QO @ 1930z (RS51), Glenn VK7AB @ 2001z (RS51), Dave VK7DD @ 2002z (RS52), Frank VK7DX @ 2002z (RS53) - all of these VK7 completes were made on a single burn - John VK2FAD @ 2019z (RS55) and Joe VK7JG @ 2037z (RS51).

Saturday, November 27, 2010

An early start, but not much time today as we re heading out 4WD'ing to Condamine Gorge.

Very few signals about, but David VK3AUU @ 1918z (RS57) was an interesting burn. Initial signals were RS51 at best and  after 3 overs built to RS57. Brad VK2QO @ 1938z (RS41) was heard but signal sounded more forward scatter than MS enhanced.

As for ZL8X... think I've missed any chance of working them. Summer Es would have usually been well established by now between VK and ZL,but we've had very little.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Condx this morning were less than favorable with few good MS enhanced burns. Many stations heard via short pings including Brad VK2QO, David VK3AUU  and Frank VK7DX, and rx reports received from Brad VK2QO, David VK3AUU, Glenn VK7AB and Frank VK7DX resulting in some partials. But only one complete - Joe VK7JG @ 2016z (RS51).

Local traffic added to the mix this morning with stations calling over each other, calling immediately as one finished, and a QSO held over those at the far end of the path calling all limiting the opportunities to complete. Looks less than favorable for when we get F2 if this operating style is any indication of what we can expect - but it's nothing new I suppose!

Friday, November 19, 2010

With absolutely no QRN the band was perfect for weak signal work. But after listening from 1900z for close to 30 minutes without a signal heard I was almost was going to give it all away when I could hear Norm VK3DUT and Frank VK7DX on forward scatter perfectly clearly with absolutely no signal to report!

Soon after the MS enhancements begun. Worked this morning were Norm VK3DUT @ 1939z (RS511), VK3DUT again @ 2001 (RS53) Frank VK7DX @ 2002z (RS51), VK3DUT again @ 2004z (RS57), Brad VK2QO @ 2035z (RS55), Dave VK7DD @ 2036z (RS51) and finally Peter VK5PJ @ 211114z (RS51).

Focus for the rest of the day will be towards the South Pacific and the ZL8X operations. With chances of Es prop, ZL8 would represent represent a new DXCC on 50MHz for me and one step closer to achieving 50MHz DXCC after 25 years on 6m!!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A rare weekday opportunity to be in the shack and listening to the radio.  And sorry, haven't made time to post up the weekends activity either, so here's a quick summary:

Saturday - no activity, was out spraying weeds!
Sunday - Norm VK3DUT @ 2012z (RS51), VK3DUT again @ 2028z (RS58) and finally Frank VK7DX @ 2028z (RS51)

Today - Lot's of activity. with very short pings producing regular opportunities to hear stations. VK2QO, VK3DUT, VK7DX and VK5BC regularly heard. QRN played a part in my rx this morning... most frustrating when I don't experience it much... but makes me empathise a little more with those who regularly do!

Stations completed with this morning included: Norm VK3DUT @ 1948z (RS52), Wayne VK4WTN @ 1950z (RS52 via ground wave), VK3DUT again @ 1958z (RS58), Frank VK7DX @ 2024z (RS51), David VK3AUU @ 2032z (RS41), Brian VK5BC @ 2034z (RS51), Brad VK2QO @ 2106z (RS52), VK3AUU again @ 2106z (RS53 - and upto RS58).

Friday, November 5, 2010

CQWW is now a week behind, and operations have returned to normal.

50MHZ MS activity today was interesting. Short, sharp pings produced the following completes - Brad VK2QO @ 1944z (RS53), Norm VK3DUT @ 1957z (RS51) and VK3DUT again @ 2014z (RS55).

Saturday, October 30, 2010

A new day and a new start at VK4UC... but band condx seem to have maintained their lackluster performance.

40m on LP to EU provided a few extra entries into the log. 15m has started (as predicted) with good runs being maintained towards W. 20m is a hard slog - good signals from W stations, but their antennas are (as they always are) beaming towards EU or even JA... making it very hard to snare unique Qs or even the odd multi on 20m.

We've set up another 10m station. And hopefully we'll see the band open up soon. I'm hitting the 'call' button while I type here and no responses. More later!
CQWW is now well and truely underway. 10 hours in and the VK4UC teamis about to log our 1,000th Q. Band condx overall are poor to say the least. 10m provided some good daylight prop, and 15m continued to after sunset but with strong signals on the EU end it proved impossible to get runs, let alone unique Qs. More tomorrow!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Three days until CQWW.... shack at home station has been 'decimated' to support this coming weekends operations. But is all in a good cause... we're going to have fun, and hopefully I might get motivated again!

The VK4CZ 6m and HF stations have been packed to support the MM operation from VK4UC.

I have to admit that this time of year is always exciting. The lead-up and anticipation of CQWW is always great. But this time it's probably even better. It's not just for the challenge and thrill of operating a SOAB HP station and establishing a strategy and setting goals to close the gap on the KH6s and KH2s for top Oceania positions (one day I'll get top 3!).

Rather this time the opportunity to join in with some of VK's and a couple of W6's best contest operators and the opportunity to learn and share our experience which can only mean bigger, better results next year makes it that much better.

50MHz MS operations will have to wait for another week!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Fantastic condx this morning for 50MHz MS. Good enhancements experienced, with a number of QSO's completed.

At 1943z Norm VK3DUT was first worked (RS58). then Brad VK2QO @ 1943z (RS51), Frank VK7DX @ 1946 (RS53), VK2QO again at 2012z (RS52 - but QSO not a complete), Peter VK5PJ @ 2032 (RS55 - and then to RS59), Glenn VK7AB @ 2046z (RS51 - always great to hear Glenn, our southern most participant) and finally Michael VK2OT @ 2047z (RS54 - RS51 via ground wave).

Brian VK5BC was a good signal via MS enhancements with short burns delivering signals between RS51 and RS58, but no complete QSO's made. Both Alan VK4WR and I made many calls in response, but with no luck. Compared to VK5PJ, the opportunity to complete with VK5BC is much less... this is worth investigating considering their relative proximity to each other!

Progress towards CQWW op's continued. Laptop now 'talks' with radio and Writelog is feeding audio for the DVK function. Happy days!

Friday, October 22, 2010

An interesting morning on 50MHz MS... even if just a little bit bleary eyed from 4WD'ing until the early hours (~1AM) of the morning.... was great fun and good tracks found!

Norm VK3DUT was the first contact for the morning @ 1958z (RS52), followed @ 1959z (RS59), and then again @2005z (RS54). Then Brad VK2QO @ 2008z (RS54), Frank VK7DX @ 2016z , Brian VK5BC @ 2035z (RS51), David VK3AUU @ 2051z (RS54, Brand VK2QO again @ 2057 (RS52) and finally Peter VK5PJ @ 2105z (RS51).

Brian VK5BC was heard regularly in QSO with a local VK5 station between 2015 and 2030z - signals between RS51 and RS59. Calls to Brian failed to break, until the complete @ 2035z. During this time, few other signals from VK2, 3 and 5 were rx'ed.

Work has started this morning in preparation for next weeks CQWW. This year I'll be participating in a Mult-multi operation @ VK4UC with 6 operators from VK and W in an attempt to take a leadership position in Oceania for this category.... should be fun, and a lot less stressful than my usual preference for SOAB cat operating.

Laptop USB/serial interface and audio connectivity to radio for DVK will be finished today... then tomorrow prepare equip for transportation to the operations site.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Some activity on 50MHz MS today, with three completes.

Frank VK7DX worked twice @ 2047z (RS55) & again @ 2109z (RS54) and Brad VK2QO work just once @ 2043z (RS57). With the very high wind and strong levels of noise op's were brought to a hault quickly by 2100z!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

A better start to the morning today. 50MHz MS condx proved to deliver quickly. At 2017z Norm VK3DUT was worked (RS52) at the same time Frank VK7DX called (RS52). Soon after @ 2027z Glen VK7AB was worked (RS51) and immediately after Frank VK7DX worked (RS55). Norm VK3DUT was again worked @ 2034z (RS51).

Greg VK2GJC joined the sked for the first time today, and whilst he didn't posts of hearing anyone on VKLogger, he was copied twice @ 2024z and again at 2031z by myself. Welcome Greg!

With the moon again rising within the MS sked window, my attention switched over to monitoring for signals off the moon. Today Clay W7CE was received, but no two ways completed. Trace from WSJT below:

212100 0 -30 2.0 207 3 * CQ W7CE CN87 ? 0 4

Saturday, October 9, 2010

50MHz MS started well this morning. Not long after my first call completed with Brad VK2QO @ 1934z (RS55). This would be the last contact for the morning.

Mario K2ZD came into 'range' via the moon on 50MHz. I QSY'ed to JT65 and monitored for his signal. At 2010z Mario's CQ call's were rx'ed. And at 2018z Mario was received calling me (see snippet below), and then again at 2026z. Then nothing else.

201800 5 -25 2.5 156 3 * VK4CZ K2ZD FN21 0 10

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Disappointing condx for 50MHz MS this morning. Although a few stations were heard only one complete made. Frank VK7DX was worked @ 2127z (RS51).

It's October - when this radio amateurs thoughts should be moving to contesting!

Monitoring 15m this morning and the band alive with big signals out of Nth America many over RS59in ODXA and California QSO Party - many stations with RS59+20 signals.

I should be in ODXC in prep for CQWW, but motivation for entering from this station this contest season is low!

As the VK4CZ station is currently without 10m capabilities, I will be operating CQWW SSB this year as part of a multi-multi operation being established at VK4UC to challenge the leadership position in the MM category within Oceania. This is to be operated by some of VK's and W6's top contest operators and is being coordinated by Trent VK4TI.

Given my preference to SOAB operating, this will be a great learning experience that hopefully will be applied back to my SOAB style operatons. More details later and photo's after the event.

Friday, October 1, 2010

The start of October (UTC) and interesting condx... but not that they're correlated in any way!

The morning started with low level signals being rx'ed without MS enhancements of Brad VK2QO @ RS41 at best, and without the usual copy of Wayne VK4WTN via groundwave (Wayne was active due to reports appearing on VKLogger).

The first completed MS contacts were with David VK7DD @ 2033z (RS55), Frank VK7DX @ 2033z (RS52) followed at 2036z by VK2QO (RS51) and Norm VK3DUT @ 2045z (RS57).

Following this burst of activity, the continued rx of low level signals continued with Norm VK3DUT being rx'ed at RS41/RS51 nearly every call without MS enhancement, with other SSB signals present but too low a level to identify.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

50MHz MS condx today favoured longer haul contacts, but even these were few and far between... partly due to limited numbers of active stations.

Stations worked today include Frank VK7DX @ 2015z (RS51), David VK3AUU @ 2059z (RS57), Frank VK7DX @ 2102z (RS51) and David VK1DJA @ 2119z (RS51) [was great to work Dave again - our last contact was Dec 2009 via Es].

Also heard this morning were the following stations: VK2QO, VK2FA, VK2FAD, and VK4WTN. But all of these stations were under 900km paths and produced only short pings, with no sustainable burns to enable completes.
The start of some good news for 6m operators...

Finally some action from Steve Conroy Minister for Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy in regard to the switch off of the analogue low band TV transmitters:

So when will RTQ go QRT?

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A thunderstorm Tuesday afternoon took out the broadband internet capabilities at our local exchange, and I ran MS this morning without the aid of VKLogger and I wasn't concentrating as much as usual.

Conditions weren't as good as the passed few mornings. Brad VK2QO was first to be rx'ed RS57 @2035z with a short burn, but was not completed. Frank VK7DX was worked at 2042z (RS51), then a series of very strong but short pings heard that included David VK7DD @ 2043z (RS55), VK7DX @ 2046z (RS52), Norm VK3DUT @ 2046z (RS52) and Joe VK7JG @ 2225z (RS54). and Frank VK7DX worked again @ 2234z (RS53).

Will be active again tomorrow.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Conditions this morning were very interesting. Lots of low level signals heard, with MS enhancements adding significantly to the signal levels.

First in the session worked was Norm VK3DUT @ 2025z (RS59) followed immediately by Frank VK7DX @ 2025z (RS55). David VK7DD worked at 2038z (RS55 - RS59 rpt rx'ed) and Frank VK7DX again @ 2040z (RS57).

Sunday, September 26, 2010

A rare treat not to be in the office and active on a Monday morning. I will be active most mornings for the remainder of this week too (in between work around the block)!

Lively condx this morning on 50MHz MS....

Conditions started as normal with a completed contact with David VK3AUU at 2006z (RS51), then followed by Frank VK7DX 2011z (RS51).

When I worked Frank VK7DX again at 2128z signals were starting to peak with an RS57. At 2118z things got really exciting, with Norm VK3DUT worked RS57, David VK3AUU RS57 and VK7DX and VK4EK all heard. Burn lasted nearly 1.5 minutes.
Conditions Sunday morning took their time to build. Many short pings reported including VK2QO, VK7DX and VK2BLS (CW) but no completes until 21:11z with Frank VK7DX (RS52), followed by David VK7DD (2117z), Peter VK5PJ (2127z) and VK7DD again (2138z).

Friday, September 24, 2010

MS activity on 50MHz this morning started with both VK2RHV and VK2RSY beacons being rx'ed. Soon after Frank VK7DX worked for the first time at 2050z (RS52) followed by contacts at 2112z (RS52) and 2144z (RS55). No other stations heard or worked.

With vklogger suffering a server fault midway through the period an immediate lack of activity ensued. Just goes to show how dependent we've all become to that service!

Friday, September 17, 2010

50MHz meteor scatter this morning has been less that satisfying. First worked Frank VK7DX at 2041z and again at 2038z, followed by VK5PJ (2107z) and VK3DUT (211z). Few others heard.
OMG....check this link out!
Amazing tower climb

Friday, September 10, 2010

An interesting start to the mornings 50MHz MS prop.... lots of good RS51 signals, but pings too short to enable completed Q's. Finally burns lengthened to sustain complete Qs.

David VK3AUU, Norm VK3DUT and Frank VK7DX all worked. Brad VK2QO also heard. Also good to see local activity with Wayne VK4WTN and Ron VK4CRO calling.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Conditions again for 50MHz MS were less than favorable. Whilst many signals were received, few contacts were completed. Only successful two-way Q made from here was Frank VK7DX (2110z). VK2QO and VK2FA were both heard but not worked.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Yawn.... very quiet on 50MHz MS this morning. Brad VK2QO heard regularly, a couple of short pings from Frank VK7DX but nothing from the other VK3s and VK7s at all. Hopefully tomorrow is better!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

A slower start to 50MHz MS today on 50.200MHz. Lots of very short pings with few long enough for a complete Q to be held. Norm VK3DUT worked at 2013z, followed by Brad VK2QU (2014z) David VK3AUU (2035z), Peter VK5PJ (2110z) and Frank VK7DX (2133z).

I monitored the digital activity on 50.230MHz for a while... David VK3AUU was a good signal with regular decodes seen.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Got the day started with a good opening on 75m to Europe lasting between 2000z and 2020z. Worked OK2RZ, EW3EW, OT4A, OE3DIA, UN4AW, YL3FT, I5ZSS and DL8OH, with signals fading soon after sunrise.

Followed by fantastic conditions on 6m MS. VK2QO first worked at 2028z followed by VK7DX and VK3DUT. Groundwave, scatter Es and AE modes also played a part with VK2OT (worked), VK4SSB/2 and VK2FA all heard very regularly. Great participation this morning with the most number of stations heard. Dave VK7DD also heard regularly but all pings too short to complete. Peter VK5PJ also worked at RS59 - burn lasted long enough for 3 overs as well as Alan VK4WR to complete - amazing!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Today's morning MS 'skeds' started well. David VK3AUU was immediately workable (2105z) - and great to hear David back on air again after his travels. Alan VK4WR and I tag teamed calling with antenna's south. Brad VK2QO was worked (2120z). Frank VK7DX heard, but by 2125z not worked.

Dave VK7DD was heard regularly until 2150z, but not worked. Short pings and Dave's longer call sequences prevented any completes.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Not a good morning, very few MS enhancements. Norm VK3DUT worked (2132z) and Brad VK2QO heard on numerous occasions but no completes.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

The 'gods' aren't being too kind this morning for MS prop. Very few enhancements that have produced workable burns. Brad VK2QO and Frank VK7DX worked pre 2115z. The period 2115 to 2145z has so far been very poor. Some fwd scatter type propagation producing very low level signals, but little else.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Wow what a start to the morning (pre 2100z).... Norm VK3DUT worked at RS51, then Glenn VK7AB at RS55 and Frank VK7DX at RS57...... and still 30 minutes before be the peak!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Public holiday in BNE for Ekka, and what better way to enjoy it with a spot of 50MHz MS!

So far this morning (2050z) Frank VK7DX, Brad VK2QO and Brian VK4EK worked. RX only reports received from John VK2EME and Darrell VK2BLS.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

40m opened up LP to EU and SP to W this afternoon (0530 - 0630z) with great signals well before sunset. GW, OA and Ws worked. Great way to spend the 30 minutes in between doing chores ;-)

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Improved condx after 2100z. Peter VK5PJ worked, and for some time was hearing Peter every time he called. VK2QO also heard more regularly - but not worked. Joe VK7JG worked at RS51.
Condx so far this morning on 50MHz MS are disappointing (2030z). Frank VK7DX worked, and rx reports shared, but no other two way contacts.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Good conditions this morning on 50MHz MS, even though my available time was limited. Frank VK7DX was worked RS57, and Norm VK3DUT also worked RS59. Glenn VK7AB reported hearing me. Alan VK4WR also participated this morning and worked Norm VK3DUT.

Saturday, July 31, 2010

The condx this morning have further improved. Joe VK7JG now constant RS51-2 every call with burns up to RS59. Brad VK2QO also up to RS58 (with his antenna to the south) - and worked at RS57 both ways.
So far this morning (2130z) MS condx are not as good as yesterday, but when burns are experienced they are strong. VK5PJ worked at RS59, VK2QO heard at RS58. And best, or most interesting, has been the scatter from VK4EK with antenna to the south. Placed 2nd 50MHz yagi on Brian VK4EK and RS41 fwd scatter only... 9 element 50MHz yagi to south and very clear RS51 burns!

Friday, July 30, 2010

Good condx so far this morning (UTC Friday 30/7) on 6m MS. VK2QO, VK3DUT, VK5PJ and VK7DX all heard and worked as we pass through the peak of the Alpha -Capricornids (class2).