Tower 1

Tower 1
Tower 1: Main tower supporting 50MHz 6M2WLC yagi, 14MHz 5 element yagi and 75m full wave loop.
Please note that all times are in UTC. As such comments relate to the next morning/day AEST unless otherwise stated.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

6m has been very quiet... nothing in the form of long haul propagation noted. But the usual bizarre activities in QG62 continue!

At 0113z...

And 15 minutes earlier at 0058z

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

After the large solar flare 24 hours ago, today showed lot's of promise, but the 'rare' propagation from GQ62lp failed to materialise. Whilst Stave VK3ZAZ worked W stations again, the path favored southern latitudes and a few indicators were reported. This afternoon showed good promise with E51EME heard on CW raising hopes of the T32 operation being active on 6m... and again nothing. The later western Russian 49.750 TV videos up to S9.. but wait for it... again nothing unusual noted (all bar some of the locals behavior as seen below).

Saturday, January 21, 2012

It's been a quiet week, in terms of DXing on 50MHz - meaning I actually did get a few of the 'jobs' done. Daily indicators of Es based propagation from ZL and around VK with the VK6RSX beacon being heard a few times... extending the first couple of hops towards EU!

Just another day in QG62lp....

Above is an interesting shot taken off the IC-7600 Spectrum Scope taken at 0705z (17:05 AEST).... a very strong and local signal being TX'ed on a range of spot QRGs across the 6m band!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Arrived back from from Field Day on Sunday just after mid-day. And by now I've dried out some what... but besides the disappointing weather, the inability to set up the wag resulting in a night spent trying to sleep on the back seat, the definite lack of activity and the 4 hour drive each way.. field day was a great 'learning experience'!

Here's a few pic's.
Our site... Mt Richmond QG61db 900m ASL, 30km NE of Tenterfield Nthn NSW.

The field day station established.

Awake to a very cold, damp, muddy and windy hilltop.
A hot coffee and cooked breakfast at Ballendean!

And here's a video prepared by Adam VK4GHZ which sum's it up real well!
Was at Redcliffe & Districts Radio Club last night sharing some of my wisdom on 50MHz DXing (a short conversation I know) after Charlie VK4YZ 'voluntold' me.

In preparing for the discussion I was reviewing my logbook to see what, if any news could be shared on the current state of affairs.

When you map the DX stations I've worked over the last 8 weeks you get a great picture of what is possible.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Now the VK Summer VHF/UHF Field Day is just under 24 hours away.... the truck has been packed and ready for an 4am departure to join with the VK4GHZ/P operation from Mt Richmond, Northern NSW, QG61db, east of Tenterfield and just south of the QLD border. The team will consist of Adam VK4GHZ, Graeme VK4FI, Alan VK4WR and myself Scott VK4CZ.

29el 432MHz DL6WU and 10el 144MHz DL6WU yagi's tied to rack.

2KV generator, spare fuel, box of coax cable and the essential beer fridge loaded!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Nothing much to report today.... but it was damn hot.

At 0527z (3:27pm AEST)  stage it was 40.1C outside and 36.0C in shack. Didn't spend much time in the shack as a result.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Conditions this morning on 6m were quite favorable, with Steve VK3ZAZ (VK3OT) working Bob K6QXY at 2118z. Whist the band was favoring the southern latitudes, some indicators were increasing in strength and hopes were high for similar paths to become available.

But soon after, and what has very much become the norm,  the ruckus on 50.110 and the whinging on the clusters/loggers became unbearable. so I spent most of the day with radios off, and the afternoon fishing.

Caught a number of freshwater mullet, which I released into our dam (picture below of release).

This followed the release of nearly 100 native Silver Perch fingerlings into our dam yesterday, which in 18 months time should be almost 1kg in weight... just hope some survive to that size!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Quiet morning so far... early indications of Es path to ZL, but little else. TI7/N5BEK reporting ZL video (all three QRGs) but faded.... now we wait.
The VK Summer VHF/UHF Field Day is just 9 days away, and I started prep with cables sorted, masts readied, and the 29el DL6WU 432MHz yagi put into test for the first time since the new folded dipole was built (embarrassingly some time ago!)

Following is a pic of the yagi in the test position... and used to work Adrian VK4OX...

And as positioned trying to work John VK4TJ (without any luck), but with yagi at least 5m below ground level at house and the shed in the way, who was I kidding thinking it might be possible!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Extraordinary conditions this afternoon, with 50MHz open to DU (Philippines) with phenomenal signals. Willem DU7/PA0HIP has been in for over an hour with signals currently (as I type at 0704z) RST599+30 and RS59+20 respectively by mode.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

After a couple of days exploring the bush north west of Brisbane in the 4WD......

what a morning to decide to have a sleep in!

Walked into the shack about 2215z and turned on the computer on... expecting nothing opened the various logger and cluster sites to have VK to OA4TT contacts emblazoned across nearly everyone... a quick scurry to connect antennas and and power to radios and the day began!

I was concentrated on non-domestic propagation paths, and was rewarded by completing the following Qs:
OA4TT 50.1036 CW 2234z
TI5XP 50.096 CW 2323z
TI7/N5BEK 50.110 SSB 2331z
TI5XP 50.114 SSB 2350z

Also heard but not worked was:
HP3TA 50.102 CW 0045z